Hello everyone!
Time just keeps on going and we miss having you in our chair. We wanted to share the things we do know, and the things we do not know. We hope this can answer some questions you may have, but also we are asking you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

We are watching and learning from other states about what salon/barber shop life will be like for staff and clients once we return. Here is what we know:

--All people inside the salon will be required to wear masks at all times including inside the restroom. We will also have disposable masks available for all guests which are more protective than cloth with no filters and go over the ears rather than around the head. We also may use paper/sensitive skin medical tape to tape the mask in place in order to reach all parts of your hair.

--Arrival procedures will be different than usual, Upon arriving at Revival you will be asked to call/text your barber/stylist and wait in your car, or outside the shop. Your Barber/stylist will let you know when it is time to enter the shop. Only one guest per service provider will be allowed inside at all times.

--Because only one person per service provider allowed at a time, we will not be seeing children. We have so many clients who have been patiently waiting to come in and we need to prioritize the adults at this time. We appreciate your understanding and support here.

--Temperature checks may be required prior to entry and the state may require us to log your temperature and name and contact information and share it with them.

--Drinking and eating will not be allowed inside Revival.

--We will ask that you only bring things in to Revival that can be in your lap during services. There will no longer be a place to put your things down.

-- We ask that all barbering clients come in with freshly washed, dry hair, to protect your barber.

-- We will not be able to perform beard trims on areas the mask covers.

--We will likely only take payments via Venmo/paypal, touch-less payments if you have to swipe a card we will have to charge a processing fee for no sign.

--Products will not be allowed to be touched by guests, you barber or stylist will bag it for you and it can be paid by touch-less payment or will be invoiced to you. You can also pre-order products for pick up at http://www.revivial510shop.square.site

--We will not be providing blowdries after services until it is proven to be safe. As a substitution, we will be adding complimentary treatments for shine, moisture or repair to the end of all services, either to go home in and rinse for maximum treatment, or they can be rinsed and towel dried before leaving the shop. We are working on temporary out door blowout stations for our weekly blow dry clients, but it is uncertain if we can make that work.

--There will be cost increases to all services to cover the mandatory PPE needed to provide services to all of our guests. And potential additional service increases for color services due to color cost increase and limits on amounts of clients we can see.

--We will not be doing any major changes or double process colors in one sitting at this time, we will not be blowdrying hair and this will not allow us to perform these multiple process colors that require dry hair between processes. This can be still achieved by coming in to your stylist in spread out appointments.

--Clients who have bangs will be requested to come in with freshly washed and blowdried bangs- this way we can protect your fringe, since we can not blow them out at the end of the service per usual.

That is a lot of change, we know 🙁

And after all that, we have a few requests of you:

--Be patient with us, we are all doing the best we can and we want to see you as soon possible. Trust that we will do everything we can to do that as safely as proven possible.

--Do not book multiple appointments in one month unless you are seeing a barber every 3 weeks. We have so many people to get in, we need to have space for as many people as we can get in.

-- All staff will be working shortened hours because of the limited amount of people allowed in the shop at a time. This is also due to the fatigue experienced while working in a mask for long hours.

--Please understand charging more per service is not something any of us want to do, but we have no choice but to charge a little more per hour to cover costs of not being able to book the way we normally do. This doesn't mean we will doubling service charges, just that there will be minor increases and PPE charges added to services.

-- Lastly, please be patient with us and the necessary rescheduling that takes place. Because there is no way for us to know what is unfolding and how this will all go, there will be sudden changes and our schedule will inevitably have to change due to Covid-19 related incidents and potential childcare issues for some of the staff.

Whew! that was a lot!
Please let me know us you have any questions. Know you are missed, valued and appreciated!
If you don't know yet, we are currently offering products for sale online for deliver, or curbside pick up. you can find that here at www.revival510shop.square.site

Hopefully we will know more soon! And I will keep you posted!

In health,
The Revival barber + beauty family

P.S. Here are some videos of the mom and pop giving you some tips during quarantine...